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Starbucks 35th Floor at Taipei 101, The National Palace Museum, Beitou Thermal Valley, Guandu Temple, The Elephant Mountain


My 3rd Day Itinerary in Taipei

Starbucks 35th Floor At Taipei 101, The National Palace Museum, Beitou Thermal Valley, Guandu Temple, & The Elephant Mountain

March 28, 2017

Starbucks 35th Floor at Taipei 101

If you want to avoid paying a hefty fee to catch a cityscape view of Taipei, the Starbucks at the 35th of Taipei 101 offers almost just the same, sans the entrance fee.

Here’s the Guidelines to get Free Your Free Access!

  • You need to have a reservation at least one (day) ahead of your intended day of visit by. In my case, it was two (2) days ahead, since the next day was already fully booked. You need to call +866 2 8101 0701 for your reservations. You will be asked for your name, where you came from, and you will be given a reservation number which you need to keep. It’ll be asked on the day of your visit.
  • DRESSCODE Reminder: This is a business district/establishment; dress casually. You may be refused entry should you be wearing slippers, shorts, sando, etc.
  • On the Day of your visit, come early – at least 10 minutes from your appointment and just tell the guard that you have a reservation at the Starbucks at the 35th Floor.
  • Upon entry, just go straight to the lobby and wait for the Starbucks representative to pick you up. The representative will also give you a number, which will be your priority number, towards selecting a seat inside the store.
  • Minimum Spend Requirement: Each person needs to spend at least NT $200, which is good enough to cover your coffee and your light breakfast for the day.
  • Maximum Stay: There is a time limit of 90 minutes. (Extensions are not allowed, since another customer will be taking over…). Once you’re ready to go, just head straight to the elevator and go down…


Just go down at the Taipei 101 Station ➔ Follow the arrows that will lead you to the exit, where the building is located at.

The National Palace Museum

Located at Shilin District, this museum houses permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of artifacts and artworks from the ancient Imperial China. I didn’t bother to go in; I’m pretty sure I’d be struck in awe which will eventually put my other itineraries at risk.


Go down at the Shilin Station ➔ Go outside the station and walk straight up to the crossing (BUT, do not cross the street) ➔ Take the Bus R30, and this will bring you right at the very entrance.

Beitou Thermal Valley

From the name, itself, Beitou is where you will find the natural hot springs in Taipei. A lot of Hotels and Spas sprung at this location to take advantage of it’s hot natural resources, where one is available for the general viewing of the public, which is free; the Beitou Thermal Valley.

NOTE: The Thermal Valley is closed every Monday. So, be sure to plan your itineraries well.


Getting here is easy, but will involve a lot of walking uphill. Go down at Beitou Station (but do not go out) to change train ➔ Take the train that goes to Xinbeitou ➔ Go down at Xinbeitou Station ➔ Exit the train station ➔ and just head straight uphill (the road between 7-11 and the park) ➔ After reaching the Hi-Life convenience store, go left and just head straight to the Thermal Valley.

Guandu Temple

No wonder why Taiwanese people are very kind, friendly, respectful, polite, honest, etc.; they have a lot of gods and goddesses who watches over and guide them. Guandu Temple is located at the Beitou District, and was built to honor the goddess of the sea – Mazu.


Take the Tamsui-Xinyi (Red Line) and head towards Tamsui ➔ Go down at Guandu Station (Do not go out from the train station yet! The buses are on the other side) ➔ Take the stares/escalator and go to the other side of the station ➔ After exit, take the bus R35 or S23. Watch out for the temple bus stop, or better tell the driver to drop you off at the temple bus stop.

The Elephant Mountain

Also, known as Nangang District Hiking Trail and Xiangshan Hiking Trail, this mountain is an observatory that offers great view of Taipei and the Taipei World Trade Center. The hike took me about 15 to 20 minutes since I had to rest in between. The trek was no joke, especially that some parts of the stairs are like the height of a “princess steps”. You will pass by several observatories, however the best one is after you passed by the “rock”, huge rocks.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you even leave the train station, you might want to pick up some food and lots of drinks; there are no vending machines at the top. Trust me, the hiking + the cold temperature, will burn your calories and energy fast.


It really depends on your preference. I preferred to see the city lights as well as the lighted Taipei 101, hence I went there during the afternoon just about sun down. If you need to setup your photography equipment, you may want to go there earlier since even on weekdays, it is flooded by locals and tourists alike, and getting a good spot is on a “fist come, first serve” basis. Moreover, it takes hours before one photographer gives up his spot, especially cameras nowadays are virtually capable of taking limitless shot.


Coming from Guandu Station (a long straight ride going to Xiangshan Station – where the “Red Line” terminates), go down at this station (Xiangshan) ➔ Take EXIT 2. On the road that is beside the park, walk straight until you reach a dead end (which is a restaurant) ➔ Go left and just follow the road. The entrance to the trail will be at your left.

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