Royal Hours Deluxe Inn One

Royal Hours Deluxe Inn One, Taipei City


Royal Hours Deluxe Inn One​

My Home in Taipei, for 3 days!

2F, No. 58 Kunming Street, Wanhua District 108, Taipei, Taiwan

Phone: +886 223881281

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I was very lucky to have found Royal Hours Deluxe Inn One through Their single-occupancy room offers unmatched privacy, as well as comfort than having to sleep in any “capsule” like hotel. Although the sides of the bed are already fixed to the sidewalls of the room, I didn’t feel claustrophobic because of the high ceiling. Moreover, for one (1) back pack traveler, the room has enough space for you to store your things, and few other gadgets.

The bathroom is common, but it is separated for both male and females. The male bathroom has 5 shower rooms where each room is supplied with dispensers to provide an overflowing supply of shampoo and body wash. And just outside the bathroom are the lavatories and to the side is a hot and cold water dispenser, and the trash can.

The toilet is also common, but was made even more private. These individual toilets are located at the corners and it also has a lavatory inside.

You might want to bring your own toothbrush, since the once provided, it’s bristles may not be soft enough for you. You may want to include a tube of toothpaste too, since the one provided may not be cool enough for you.

This inn is just a walking distance to “The Red House” which is just outside “EXIT 1” of Ximen Station. Aside from this, there are also night markets that sprout like mushrooms at night, as well as a 7-11 store is also available outside that is open whenever you need it.

And since the room was already available when I arrived, they accommodated my early check-in which was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The staffs here are nice, friendly, and accommodating. For my 2 nights and 3days’ stay at this hotel, I only paid NT$ 700.

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