Earn from FOREX without Investment – No Deposit Required, Withdrawable Profit

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I never thought this was real, and even possible! I opened an online FOREX account last September 12, 2018. After receiving the $50 (US) bonus in my account, I started trading, with only minimum knowledge about how FOREX worked. 
The platform (down below) was new to me, and so I just experimented. And by experimenting, I accidentally traded to a currency that was so low, that eventually had a very good turnover during the day, that gave me a huge profit.
I made few more trades until I finally decided to try if the profit is really withdrawable. And, it was! I stopped trading after I reached a profit of $224.46 (US). The maximum profit that you can withdraw is up to $500 (US).
My balance above is already showing “$0.00” because I have already withdrawn all of the profits that I made, and they have already removed the “$50.00” bonus, so that it cannot be re-used.
I escrowed the profit to a 3rd party payment processor (e.g. Paypal), so I can put together all my earnings online, and make a one-time withdrawal to save on withdrawal fees, directly to my local bank account. And, what I like most about the payment processor that I’m using, is that they have an option to withdraw your money in US $, if you have an Dollar account; another savings on Foreign Currency adjustments.
The transferred amount to my payment processor shows less than the profit earned, because the online trading platform charges a very small amount of commission.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED TO TRY, AT NO EXPENSE TO YOU, JUST SEND A BLANK EMAIL to free50@soloflyt.com, for the step-by-step instructions…

By the way, this offer is not available to anyone in the United States. I tried to assist my Filipina friend, who is in the United States, however she was not allowed to open an account. Some other countries may also be restricted. The experience that I shared above is very specific to Philippine Residents, who are in the Philippines.There is only one way to find out if your country is included or not; by trying to sign-up. 

You must also have a valid Goverment Issued ID (like Passport, and etc…), for you to be able to withdraw your profit. This is needed to prevent fraud, false identity, and most especially to prevent money laundering.

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  1. Bom dia Fabiano. Fiquei interessado no que você disse. Pesquisei um pouco sobre o mercado Forex num artigo da Infomoney, e fiquei um pouco receoso com a grande volatibilidade do negócio. Você pode dar dicas de como iniciou os investimentos no Forex? Ou algum link em que posso saber mais sobre o negócio. Obrigado pela atenção.

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